Ziad’s journal from Gaza has had a profound impact on us.

Readers are honoring the writing of our 35-year-old Palestinian contributor, whose reports of daily existence from a state besieged have provoked strong emotions and motivated them. In each new installment of the Gaza diary, I feel immense relief that Ziad is still alive. By the end of every entry, tears well up in my eyes. How will this country and its people ever recover from such complete devastation? What is Israel hoping to achieve here, besides fueling an even more resentful and determined Hamas? As a 76-year-old, I witnessed the IRA’s violent attempts to draw attention to the lack of human rights for Catholics in Northern Ireland, as well as the absence of universal suffrage, while politicians declared they would not engage with terrorists. For the sake of humanity, please hold peace talks for Gaza. I extend my gratitude for featuring and publishing this human insight into a tragic narrative.

Jacqueline Cassidy, Poynton, Cheshire

I am certain that I am not alone in wanting to express how deeply impacted I have been by reading Ziad’s Gaza diary in recent weeks. Politics is one thing, but the consequences of conflict on people’s lives is an entirely different matter. Please inform him that ordinary individuals who live in troubled but secure times do not forget those who are striving to survive in the aftermath of Hamas’s horrific attack and Israel’s devastating response.

Kirsten Cubitt Thorley, Sheffield

Thank you for the Gaza diary columns. They vividly expose the horrors of civilian life in Gaza, but it is the kindness shown towards people and animals, as well as the resilience of Ziad, his family, and friends, that continues to touch and impress me. Kindly convey my appreciation and best wishes to him.

Linda Oswin, Warley, West Yorkshire

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