Young climate activists seek to influence the selection process of six Labour candidates.

Green New Deal Rising is aiming to help create a climate caucus in parliament by supporting candidates in marginal seats. Young climate activists are working behind the scenes to influence Labour’s candidate selection process in six constituencies ahead of the general election. Their goal is to form a climate caucus that can effectively influence the next parliament. At a press event, Green New Deal Rising outlined its electoral strategy, which involves mobilizing thousands of young activists to promote eight general election candidates in marginal seats. Among them are Si├ón Berry and Carla Denyer from the Green Party, as well as six undisclosed Labour candidates. Green New Deal Rising has been discreetly supporting these candidates during the selection process. Additionally, the activist network plans to support Jamie Driscoll, the mayor of North of Tyne, in his campaign to become the north-east’s first regional mayor. The ultimate aim of Green New Deal Rising is to create a committed climate-focused caucus of MPs that can have significant influence over a future Labour government, similar to how small groups of rightwing Tory MPs have influenced the conversation within the Conservative government since 2014. They believe that backbenchers can wield immense power under a Labour government, especially if there isn’t a significant majority.

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