Yorkshire is actively considering their sponsorship of the club as they evaluate the current situation, with Graves potentially making a comeback.

A sponsor of Yorkshire is concerned about the impact Colin Graves’ words and actions may have on their continued engagement with the club. Graves, who previously served as chair of the financially struggling club from 2012 to 2015 before taking on the same role at the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), is reportedly close to returning. During his previous tenure, the club was found guilty of failing to address the use of racist or discriminatory language. Despite denying knowledge of racist behavior, Graves controversially referred to it as “a lot of banter”. Azeem Rafiq, a former Yorkshire player, expressed in a column that sponsors should reconsider their involvement with the club. Al Murad, a tiling company and one of the sponsors, has now declared that it is closely evaluating the situation considering Graves’ potential return. A spokesperson for Al Murad stated that they will assess the importance of equity, equality, representation, and inclusiveness at Yorkshire Cricket based on the information and communication they receive regarding the long-term funding process and the required changes. The commitment to these values, along with the influence of Lord Kamlesh Patel and other actors like the ECB, will significantly influence their decision. Al Murad became a community partner of the club in 2022, following the appointment of Lord Kamlesh Patel as chair after a racism scandal that caused several sponsors to withdraw their support. Al Murad’s partnership focuses on improving access and dismantling socio-economic barriers and coaching bias in youth cricket. Graves stated that his sole motive for returning to Yorkshire is to save the club, emphasizing his passion for its survival and prosperity.

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