XFL and USFL unveil a fresh, unified spring football league

The recently merged XFL-USFL leagues have announced that the combined spring football league will now be known as the “United Football League”.
Russ Brandon, the former president/CEO of the XFL, will continue in the same position in the UFL. Daryl Johnston, the former president of football operations for the USFL and current Fox Sports broadcaster, will take charge of the new league’s football operations.
While the number of teams and their respective cities have not been clarified, the release confirms that the first game of the USL will be played on March 30, 2024, between the 2023 XFL champions (Arlington Renegades) and the USFL champions (Birmingham Stalions).
“From the beginning, our goal has been to expand the game of football and create a league that represents opportunity, culture, and innovation,” stated Daryl Johnson. “With the creation of the UFL, we have the chance to build something impactful, exciting, and truly remarkable for football fans — a spring league that leaves a lasting impression on players who dream of playing professional football and possesses the ‘hardest workers in the room’ mentality to make those dreams come true.”
The USL’s announcement mentioned five league “partners”, including three XFL owners – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Gerry Cardinale of RedBird Capital Partners – as well as ESPN and FOX Sports.
“My dream was to play in the NFL. I used to say that I was player number 54 on a 53-man roster,” expressed Dwayne Johnson on ‘FOX NFL Sunday.’ “Imagine all those number 54s out there, and you tell them, ‘You have one more chance in the UFL,’ and then possibly making it to the NFL — how do you think they’ll perform? They’re going to give their all.”
“FOX is synonymous with football, and the success of the USFL has proven that there is a promising future for spring football,” declared Eric Shanks, the CEO of FOX Sports. “The opportunity to unite our two leagues, both dedicated to advancing broadcast practices, rule innovations, and community involvement, only enhances the potential of the United Football League and secures its place on the sports calendar.”
The USFL and XFL had separate, partially overlapping schedules in 2023. They announced their intention to merge on September 28 and received approval from federal regulators on November 30.
The games will be broadcasted on Fox, FS1, ABC, and ESPN.

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