Which country is FC Santa Claus, the football team from? The Saturday Quiz.

1 Edmond Halley (predicted return of his comet).
2 Google Images.
3 Ectoplasm.
4 Finland.
5 Lincoln.
6 LadBaby (five Christmas No 1 singles)
7 Patrick White (1973).
8 Haiti.
9 Animals on 2023 coin designs.
10 National museums: location and subject.
11 Subjects of documentary films by Errol Morris: The Fog of War; The B-Side; American Dharma; The Pigeon Tunnel.
12 Members of septets: Seven Dwarfs; Secret Seven; Seven Samurai; Magnificent Seven; Seven Sisters (Pleiades); S Club 7.
13 Homes of US champion sports teams in 2023: Ks City Chiefs; Texas Rangers; Denver Nuggets; Vegas Golden Knights.
14 Vandalism of Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid statue.
15 Breakdown of the Twelve Days of Christmas (Frederic Austin version.

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