What moment in Australian sports history do you think deserves the title of being the greatest?

We are seeking input from readers on the top highlights in Australian sports before we conduct a public poll and finally settle the ongoing debate.
Australians have a deep passion for sports. Whether it be the grandest triumphs in the Olympics and World Cups, or the unexpected victories from underdogs and quiet achievers – Australians are always eager to invest in the most captivating stories that sports have to offer.
These moments can keep you on the edge of your seat, bring laughter or tears, and possess the ability to unify people or spark spirited debates. While some moments are simply remarkable displays of athleticism and skill surpassing opponents, others go beyond the realm of sports: shedding light on injustices, igniting social movements, or providing a powerful reflection of Australian culture. However, they all make a lasting impact.
We are inviting readers to share their all-time favorite moments in the history of Australian sports and the influence it had on their lives.
You can submit your nomination for the greatest sporting moment in Australia by using this form.
Please provide your contact details so we can reach out for more information if necessary. Rest assured, your information will only be viewed by the Guardian.

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