UK New Year fireworks have been called off due to adverse weather conditions with heavy rain and strong winds.

Due to inclement weather conditions, several New Year’s Eve firework displays have been cancelled as heavy rain and strong winds threatened to dampen the festive spirit of thousands of partygoers.

In Plymouth, a winter wonderland event and a Devon town’s firework display were among those pulled due to the wet conditions on Sunday. The Met Office also warned that exposed coasts and hills along the southern coast of England and in south Wales would continue to be battered by strong winds.

The organisers of the winter wonderland in Plymouth made the “difficult decision” to cancel the event on New Year’s Eve due to severe gales. They stated, “Although we are incredibly disappointed and frustrated, our main priority is your safety, as well as ours, and we cannot take on the risk.” Full refunds will be given to those who purchased tickets. Similarly, the annual fireworks in Barnstaple, Devon, were cancelled due to the “horrendous” weather, Devon Live reported. An early evening firework display, popular among families and children, was also scrapped because of the adverse weather conditions.

By 6pm on Sunday, the highest recorded wind gusts were 74mph on the Isle of Wight, 64mph near Swansea, and 62mph on the Isles of Scilly. Wind warnings were in place until midnight on Sunday, with possible delays to road, rail, air, and ferry transportation, including many cancelled train services.

The Met Office advised those planning a New Year’s Day swim that sea surface temperatures around the UK were unlikely to rise above 10C. They suggested swimmers bring a flask of their favorite warm drink to help warm up after being in the water.

Despite a bright start on New Year’s Day, a band of rain is expected to move in from the southwest, with similar weather conditions forecasted for Tuesday due to another area of low pressure.

Flooding left a village on the banks of the River Ouse near York “completely cut off”. All routes into Naburn were submerged under flood water on Sunday. The village, home to approximately 500 people, has received support measures from the City of York council.

A yellow wind warning was issued for the entire south coast of England, the West Country, and southern Wales on Sunday, with severe gales and heavy showers causing travel disruptions.

Meteorologist Jonathan Vautrey mentioned that showers in these areas would intensify, resulting in more frequent rainfall. He added, “There is a potential for 10-20mm of rain across a wide area, and 30-40mm in some places over the 12-hour period. The ground is already saturated due to recent rainfall, so we may experience challenging driving conditions for those out and about on New Year’s Eve. Bus and train services may also be affected.”

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