UK authorities apprehend a woman believed to be responsible for the deaths of two of her children in the United States.

A woman suspected of killing two of her children in the US before leaving the country has been arrested in the UK and will appear in court to face extradition proceedings.

Kimberlee Singler’s nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son were found dead on 19 December when police responded to a report of a burglary at their home. Police later said the report turned out to be unfounded.

Singler, 35, from Colorado, initially cooperated with police but disappeared during the investigation, said Ira Cronin, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs police department.

Police obtained an arrest warrant on Tuesday on charges of murder and attempted murder, among other allegations.

Singler was not under surveillance and was last seen in Colorado Springs on 23 December, said Cronin.

US authorities did not provide further details on the overseas arrest, but said they were working with multiple law enforcement agencies.

The UK’s National Crime Agency confirmed on Monday it had arrested Singler and said she was due to appear at Westminster magistrates court.

A spokesperson for the NCA said: “On Saturday 30 December 2023 in the Kensington area of London, officers from the National Crime Agency’s national extradition unit arrested a 35-year-old female wanted in the United States of America for offences including two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

“She will appear before Westminster magistrates court today [1 January] for commencement of extradition proceedings.”

When police responded to Singler’s home in Colorado they found her with minor injuries, the two children’s bodies and Singler’s 11-year-old daughter hurt. At first, Singler was treated as a burglary victim, said Cronin.

The injured girl was hospitalised for a few days before being released and is recovering in Colorado Springs, said Cronin.

The children’s deaths came amid a legal battle between Singler and her ex-husband, Kevin Wentz, over parenting time and other issues, according to US court filings. Reports have said Singler faced losing custody of her children imminently.

On Sunday, Wentz put out photos of his two deceased children and their names, Elianna “Elie” Wentz and Aden.

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