Tory Member of Parliament, David Davis supports and protects a homeless man from assailants.

SAS veteran Davis recounts a violent altercation near parliament

The Conservative MP David Davis has shared his experience of confronting an assault outside parliament as he intervened to assist a rough sleeper who was being assaulted.

Davis, a former cabinet minister and leadership candidate, described standing firmly between the perpetrators and the homeless man, and successfully evading two punches.

After physically restraining the main assailant, he took the injured man, named Gareth, to his Westminster residence and provided him with overnight accommodation on the sofa.

The following day, due to Gareth still bleeding, Davis accompanied him to St Thomas’ hospital.

Davis, who was accompanied by Guto Harri, a former Downing Street communications adviser, at the time, stated: “I positioned myself between them. Guto and I were walking up Great Peter Street towards Victoria. Two individuals were brutally attacking a third person, and I witnessed one of the attackers kick him in the head, resulting in a spray of blood, just like a scene from a Hollywood movie.

“I didn’t hesitate. I immediately rushed over. I confronted the attackers forcefully. I stepped in between them and helped the injured man to his feet. One of the attackers backed off, while the other momentarily seemed dazed by my aggression. He then regained his composure, attempted to punch me twice, but failed to make contact. Consequently, I had to physically restrain him to prevent any further attack.

“Afterwards, I left the scene and brought the injured man to my home so we could provide aid. He was completely covered in blood, so we cleaned him up… the next morning, he was still bleeding, so I arranged an Uber and took him to the emergency room.”

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, was initially reported by the Evening Standard.

Davis, who received training from the SAS prior to entering parliament, indicated that the attackers appeared to be “extremely violent” and addicted to the drug spice.

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The MP explained that he had previously intervened in confrontations because several decades ago, he witnessed a man being fatally assaulted on a common in south London near his residence.

“Ever since then, I haven’t been able to walk away from a fight like this. I’ve had my nose broken and my teeth shattered, but this time I came away unharmed, so I’m fine,” he added.

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