Three individuals found guilty for the killing of Caroline Glachan in Scotland back in 1996.

Mother expresses relief at finally discovering the identity of her daughter’s killer, as Robert O’Brien, Andrew Kelly, and Donna Marie Brand are found guilty.
The murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1996 has resulted in the conviction of three individuals, with the judge condemning their actions as “depraved, brutal, and wicked.”
Robert O’Brien, 45, Andrew Kelly and Donna Marie Brand, both 44, have been found guilty of the murder of Caroline Glachan, O’Brien’s girlfriend, in West Dunbartonshire.
After two days of deliberation, the jury unanimously convicted the three defendants, who were teenagers at the time of the murder, on Thursday.
Prosecutor Alex Prentice KC addressed the court following the trio’s conviction: “Clearly, this is a case that pertains to a significant period of time. The loss of Caroline Glachan, who was 14 and Margaret McKeich’s only child, has had an immeasurable and enduring impact.”
Following their convictions at the high court in Glasgow, the judge, Lord Braid, ordered them to be remanded into custody.
The jury previously heard that Glachan was subjected to punches, kicks, and repeated blows to the head with bricks and other objects. She was either pushed or fell into the River Leven near Place of Bonhill, Renton.
According to the forensic pathologist Dr. Marjorie Turner, drowning was determined as the cause of Caroline’s death.
The day Caroline’s body was discovered by the police, August 25, 1996, coincided with her mother’s 40th birthday.
McKeich expressed her gratitude to DI Stuart Grainger and all the police officers involved in the investigation throughout the years: “This is a day we never believed would come. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to DI Stuart Grainger and all the police officers who have worked tirelessly on this case. It may not bring Caroline back, but at least we now know that those responsible are serving time. For the past 25 years, they have celebrated Christmases and birthdays, while my Caroline rested in the ground. This is a significant day for us.”
During the 10-day trial, the court listened to several witnesses, including Glachan’s friend Joanne Menzies, who described O’Brien as a “bully.”
In 2019, Police Scotland’s major investigation team re-examined the evidence.
DI Grainger, who led the investigation, commented: “At the heart of this case is a mother, a father, extended family, and friends who have endured years of not knowing who took Caroline’s life. The day Caroline was murdered forever changed their lives; they were robbed of a future with her, of witnessing her grow from a young girl into a young woman. Her future was snatched away on the night she encountered Robbie, Donna, and Andrew.”
O’Brien, Kelly, and Brand are scheduled to be sentenced on January 15 at the high court in Glasgow. The trio had denied the charges and claimed they had alibis.

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