The US Congress successfully approves a bill permitting the sale of Aukus nuclear submarines to Australia.

Legislation encompassing a broad range of military matters paves the way for Virginia class vessels to enhance Pacific defense. The US Congress has approved legislation that permits the sale of Virginia class submarines to Australia under the Aukus security pact. Comprehensive legislation, including the Aukus agreement, passed the US House of Representatives on Thursday Washington time, following its clearance in the Senate. This development will be enthusiastically received by the Australian government, which aimed to secure legislative approval before the US entered the politically charged atmosphere of a presidential election year. The 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes provisions that authorize the sale of nuclear-powered Virginia class submarines to Australia, expected to occur in the 2030s. The procurement of at least three such submarines from the US serves as a temporary measure until Australian-built nuclear-powered submarines begin operational service in the 2040s. However, this transfer would still require certification from the president at that time. The NDAA, which will now be sent to the president, Joe Biden, for signing into law, also includes other measures aimed at facilitating the sharing of advanced defense technology between the US, Australia, and the UK.

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