The umpire-dismissed ban appeal of Tom Curran for intimidation.

The England cricketer Tom Curran has been unsuccessful in his bid to overturn his four-match ban in Australia’s Big Bash League. He was charged with intimidating an umpire.

The incident took place on 11 December, when Curran was warming up before the Sydney Sixers’ match against Hobart Hurricanes in Launceston.

Cricket Australia’s code of conduct commissioner, Adrian Anderson, determined that the 28-year-old, who last represented England in 2021, got into a disagreement with an umpire while going through his run-up.

The umpire instructed Curran not to run on the pitch and positioned himself next to the stumps to block his approach after Curran attempted to continue.

Anderson found that Curran “tried to perform a practice run-up and sprint directly towards the umpire, who was standing in the bowling crease facing Curran. The umpire moved to his right to avoid the risk of a collision.”

The eagerly awaited footage:

The Australian broadcaster Channel 7 later shared a video that showed the umpire informing Curran that he couldn’t use the match surface for warm-ups. Curran then charged towards him before both individuals managed to prevent a collision.

Curran and the Sydney Sixers denied the offense and appealed against the suspension, but the Big Bash League announced on Sunday that the appeal had been “dismissed, with the original penalty to be upheld”.

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