The Tories opt for Peter Bone’s partner as their chosen candidate to succeed him.

Helen Harrison has been selected as the Conservative party candidate for the Wellingborough byelection. This byelection was called after revelations of bullying and harassment against Peter Bone, who previously held the position as the MP for Wellingborough.

Harrison’s selection was announced by the party chair on Sunday, following a meeting of local Conservative members. A date for the byelection has not yet been set, but it was triggered by a petition signed by over 10% of local voters in response to the revelations about Bone’s behavior.

This is one of the upcoming difficult byelections for the Tories, along with the announcement that Chris Skidmore intends to step down as an MP for Kingswood. Richard Holden, the Conservative party chair, congratulated Harrison on her selection in a tweet on Sunday.

Bone reportedly threatened to run as an independent if Harrison was not included in the Conservative party’s shortlist. While Bone denied this report, he stated that it would not be surprising if Harrison, who is a councillor on North Northamptonshire council, was chosen.

Jonathan Ashworth, a shadow Cabinet Office minister, criticized Rishi Sunak for giving in to Bone’s demand to include Harrison in the shortlist. Ashworth argued that this shows the weakness of the prime minister and stated that only Labour can bring about the change that the voters desire.

Bone had a significant majority in the previous election, but Labour held the seat from 1997 to 2005. He was recalled after the parliamentary watchdog found him guilty of multiple counts of bullying and one count of sexual misconduct, breaking the MPs’ code of conduct.

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