The possibility of reaching the light at the end of the Stonehenge tunnel is within grasp.

Readers on the plan for a road tunnel near the world heritage site

The aim of the Stonehenge road tunnel is to alleviate road congestion and conceal the A303 from sight (Last-ditch effort by Stonehenge campaigners to protect site from road tunnel, 11 December). Both issues could be addressed by strategically placing hedges, thus avoiding the expense and environmental impact of the tunnel. Those who frequently use the road are aware that the main cause of congestion is drivers slowing down to view the monument, which typically dissipates once they have passed it. A sustainable solution is within reach, possibly through a competition involving landscape architects.

Roy Dietz
Twickenham, London

Your report on Stonehenge mentions that part of its allure is the awe-inspiring moment when you drive along the A303 and react with surprise. I suspect much of the surprise stems from the realization that the monument appears relatively small and insignificant within its hilly surroundings, encased by an endless traffic jam emitting modern-day pollutants.

Paddy Clark
Chiddingfold, Surrey

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