The Pakistan commission denies Imran Khan’s attempt to reverse the election prohibition.

Pakistan’s election body has denied former prime minister Imran Khan the opportunity to run in the 2024 national elections in two constituencies. This decision comes after Khan’s conviction and imprisonment for illegally selling state gifts while serving as prime minister.

Despite his disqualification, 71-year-old Khan submitted his nomination papers for the upcoming elections. However, the election commission rejected his candidacy due to his conviction and because he is not a registered voter in the respective constituencies.

Khan claims that he is being targeted by the military, who allegedly wants to prevent him from participating in the polls, but the military denies these accusations.

In contrast, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s nomination for the 2024 elections has been accepted by the election commission, following the overturning of two corruption convictions by a court. However, Sharif still needs to have a life ban on holding public office removed before he can qualify to run.

Sharif, who returned to Pakistan in October after four years of self-imposed exile, aims to secure his fourth premiership in the February elections, with the main challenge being to regain the support he previously enjoyed.

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