The Nottingham city council is proposing reductions in funding for libraries, care homes, and youth services.

Proposals have been put forward by Nottingham City Council to tackle a £50m funding gap, which includes the introduction of charges for public toilets and cuts to school lunch grants.

Last month, the council effectively declared bankruptcy and is now planning cuts to youth services, care homes, public libraries, and water features in public squares. These cuts could result in the loss of 500 jobs.

The council’s leader, David Mellen, acknowledged that the proposals are not yet fully supported by all councillors and that tough decisions will need to be made to address the worst budget gap in living memory.

Other proposed measures include the closure of playgrounds and residential care homes, reductions in library services and grants for the arts and voluntary sectors, and cuts to public transport services.

The council also plans to increase council tax by the maximum allowed amount of 4.99%.

Nottingham City Council has been facing financial concerns for years, including the collapse of its energy scheme and the unlawful use of ringfenced cash from its housing revenue account.

The proposals will be discussed by councillors next week and will undergo public consultation.

A protest against the cuts has been planned by the Nottingham Trades Union Council on 18 December, calling for more funds from the government.

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