The Metropolitan Police is offering a reward of £20,000 in order to seek assistance in locating and recovering the body of Fiona Holm.

A man has been accused of committing murder after a woman was last observed on CCTV in Catford, south-east London in June.

A reward of up to £20,000 is being offered to individuals who can provide information leading to the discovery of the woman’s body, as authorities suspect she has been killed.

The woman, Fiona Holm, 48, was reported missing by her family on 29 June, triggering a murder investigation.

Based on CCTV footage, it is believed that she was last seen on the evening of 20 June in Verdant Lane, Catford, south-east London, wearing a green top and dark leggings, walking alone and meeting friends.

Her family is urging people to come forward with any information and a reward of up to £20,000 will be given for the recovery of her remains.

DCI Kate Blackburn from the Met police is calling on anyone who may have seen Fiona since she was last observed in Verdant Lane, SE6 in June to provide any possible details, no matter how small, to assist in determining her whereabouts.

In addition, she appeals for any information about the possible location of her remains, even if it is just a rumour, as there may be a cash reward for providing such information.

Previously, Scotland Yard released footage of Fiona Holm in an off-licence on 20 June.

The investigation has also linked her case to the murder of Naomi Hunte, 41, who was fatally stabbed in her home in Congleton Grove, Woolwich, south-east London on 14 February last year.

A spokesperson for Fiona’s relatives expressed their anguish over not finding her body and the mental anguish they are experiencing as they face their first Christmas without her. They plea for anyone with information to come forward so that they can lay Fiona to rest and find closure.

A 65-year-old man was charged with Fiona’s murder on 13 July and is currently in custody.

Anyone with information regarding Fiona’s disappearance or sightings of her can contact 101.

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