The family of Hamas victim Maya Puder commemorates her by saying, ‘Our residence is on the date 7th October’.

Maya Puder, a young actor and filmmaker with aspirations, was discovered deceased four days following the Hamas assault in Israel. When Maya Puder disappeared during the Supernova music festival in Israel on October 7th, her family hoped she was hiding or had been kidnapped. She had messaged her parents last at 8:01 am, informing them that she was seeking shelter from Hamas rockets. However, their hopes were dashed when they were informed four days later that Maya was found dead just 20 meters away from a shelter. Maya had attended the festival with her friends Rotem and Lior. Rotem was also found dead inside the shelter, while Lior survived by hiding under a deceased body. Lior informed Maya’s family that Hamas gunmen threw grenades inside the shelter to lure them out. Although he managed to escape along with Maya, he did not witness what happened to her. Maya’s mother, Ayala Puder, described the devastation her family felt upon receiving the news. The family’s worst fears were confirmed when officials informed them that Maya had been shot dead. Maya’s funeral was attended by over 2,000 people. Ayala Puder described Maya as everyone’s best friend, highlighting her wit, humor, and loving nature. The family has been living through a nightmare since the attack, with each day proving to be challenging. The ongoing war and news of the three hostages inadvertently killed by the Israeli Defense Forces have added to their difficulties. Maya’s phone, retrieved from the festival, was returned to the family by the police. Going through Maya’s photographs, contacts, and movie scripts has been both painful and heartwarming for them. In one script Maya wrote before the Hamas attack, she envisioned a scene where two friends are killed by terrorists. Maya’s sister, Eliya, believes Maya had a premonition of her own death as the script also includes her character getting shot, leaving only her phone behind.

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