The director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant resigns following accusations of treason by the police.

The director of the Miss Nicaragua pageant has announced her retirement from the organization, nine days after being accused of “conspiracy” and other crimes by the police.

This announcement comes after Nicaragua’s contestant, Sheynnis Palacios, was crowned Miss Universe on 18 November – a victory that was seen as a symbol of hope for opponents of the Nicaraguan regime.

While Palacios herself did not make any overtly political statements during or after the contest, it was revealed that she had participated in mass street protests against the government in 2018.

The government seemed uneasy with the street celebrations that followed Palacios’ win, as it has a tight control on public gatherings since the 2018 unrest.

A message from the government congratulating Palacios was published without the usual signature of President Daniel Ortega or his wife and vice-president, Rosario Murillo.

Murillo later made allegations on air that “coup plotters” were planning “manufactured provocations” under the guise of celebrating Miss Universe.

The government also took action against individuals who defended Palacios against official criticism, detaining a TikToker and forcing artists to paint over a mural honoring her.

According to local press reports, immigration authorities prevented Celebertti and her daughter from entering Nicaragua after attending Palacios’s coronation and accompanying her on a trip to Mexico.

Later, it was announced that Celebertti’s home was raided and her husband and son were arrested on charges of treason, conspiracy, and “organized crime”. However, the authorities have not confirmed the arrest.

In a statement, the national police claimed that Celebertti had actively participated in “terrorist actions of a failed coup” during the 2018 protests.

In her retirement statement, Celebertti mentioned her 23 years of dedicated work and described Nicaragua’s win in the Miss Universe pageant as an achievement for every Nicaraguan, without political distinctions.

Palacios has not returned to Nicaragua since her win, but she expressed her intention to go back home in an interview last week.

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