The agency states that an airstrike in Gaza conducted by Israel resulted in the death of a USAid contractor and their family.

The deaths of Hani Jnena, 32, his wife, and their daughters aged 2 and 4 have prompted an NGO to urge President Biden to demand Israeli accountability.

According to their employer, a contractor for the US Agency for International Development (USAid) in Gaza, the family lost their lives in an Israeli airstrike in November.

Global Communities, a non-profit organization involved in humanitarian work, expressed deep sadness over the tragic loss of their colleague and his family. They clarified that the incident occurred during an Israeli airstrike in the Al Sabra neighborhood of Gaza City, where the family sought refuge after fleeing airstrikes in their own neighborhood.

In his final message, Jnena shared his concern about the bombing and the fear it brought to his daughters.

As the news of the USAid contractor’s death emerged, calls for accountability from Israel were made to President Biden by some within USAid, according to The Washington Post.

A spokesperson for USAid expressed their grief for the innocent civilians and humanitarian workers who lost their lives. They also mentioned that the United States is consistently raising concern with Israel in their discussions about the safety of humanitarian workers and the accessibility of aid for civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces did not confirm or deny responsibility for Jnena’s death in their statement to The Washington Post but emphasized their commitment to following international law and taking precautions to minimize harm to civilians.

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