The actions of the ‘Good Samaritan’ from Sheffield demonstrate the type of person he was, according to his family.

Relatives of Chris Marriott, who tragically lost his life while providing assistance to a woman, express that he was a man who would “offer support rather than turn away.”
In a statement released by South Yorkshire police, the family of 46-year-old Chris Marriott describes him as a “remarkable husband, father, brother, uncle, and a friend to many.”
Marriott was walking in Sheffield with his wife and two young sons, aged eight and six, when he noticed an unconscious woman lying on the street. As he administered first aid to her, a car collided with them and several others.
The family tribute states, “Although his passing is deeply tragic and inconceivable to us, his family, it exemplifies the kind of person he was – someone who chooses to help rather than turn a blind eye.
Additionally, Chris was a man of faith who aimed to share the joy he found in trusting in Jesus with others.
In these difficult times, we find solace in the belief that he is in the presence of his Lord and Savior, while we grieve his loss.
We appeal to anyone who may have information regarding this incident to come forward, enabling us to gain a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding his passing.
The church where Marriott worshiped, City Church Sheffield, which has four locations in the city, describes him as a “highly valued and dearly loved” member, having previously served on the staff team.
ChristCentral, a church group that includes City Church, shares, “Chris met his untimely demise while doing what he was known for – helping others. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and their two young sons. This situation is incredibly tragic, and our hearts ache for the family.
Please keep them, along with Chris’s extended family and friends, and City Church Sheffield, in your prayers as they navigate through this loss. May they find solace and receive God’s comfort and grace as they mourn and commemorate his life.
Marriott was associated with the national Christian charity Jubilee+, which collaborates with churches and individuals to combat poverty. Jubilee+ expresses deep shock upon learning of Chris Marriott’s tragic passing, as he had been a friend and had served as the administrator for their annual conference in recent years.
He also dedicated his time to the charity Community Money Advice and played a key role in establishing and managing the Jubilee food bank in Sheffield.
According to South Yorkshire police, it is believed that the woman Chris assisted had been involved in an altercation between two groups of individuals. Multiple other individuals sustained injuries in the incident, including an off-duty midwife who stopped to help.
A police spokesperson confirms that the woman Chris aided remains in critical condition at the hospital. The off-duty midwife suffered minor injuries, another man sustained serious but non-life-threatening injuries, while three women and one man sustained minor injuries.
Residents of Burngreave, where the incident occurred, state that it took place near the intersection of College Close and College Court, two peaceful cul-de-sacs of modern houses close to Sheffield’s Northern General Hospital. Neighbors reveal that the altercation stemmed from a dispute between two families related to a wedding.
Detective Ch Insp Andrew Knowles of South Yorkshire police states, “Increased patrols will continue in the area over the next few days, and local residents will witness officers conducting investigations, including going door-to-door to collect witness statements.
There are individuals within that community who possess crucial information for our investigation but have not yet provided statements. It is vital that these people do the right thing so we can uncover the truth for the sake of Chris and his family.”
Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. A 23-year-old remains in police custody, while a 55-year-old has been released on police bail.

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