Sunday with Claudia Winkleman: ‘Bridge has become our ultimate obsession, my husband and I cannot get enough of it.’

The TV presenter on caring for the family rabbit, enjoying dim sum for lunch, and getting an early night
Do you love or hate Sundays? I love them, but I think I should give a heads up. My Sundays are not as glamorous as you might expect. Anyone reading this will be disappointed by the second paragraph.
How do my Sundays start? I wake up early, usually still with four-day-old makeup on, because of my children. My son is 20, my daughter is 17, and my youngest is 12. We feed our rabbit, Cheese, who absolutely loves parsley. Then I make either peanut butter or Marmite on toast and catch up on the news on Radio 4.
What happens next? The most dreaded word in my family is “homework.” I still remember the panic of Sunday evenings at 5 pm, so I want my children to finish their homework early. Then I brush my teeth and go back to bed.
What about exercise on Sundays? I have never been to a gym or done anything healthy. By now, my 17-year-old is finally awake, and there’s a big discussion about what we should have for lunch.
What’s the plan? Two words: dim sum. Ideally, we would go to Royal China on Baker Street in London for delicious prawn dumplings wrapped in dumpling skins. But usually, I end up cooking roast chicken with lots of garlic, wrapped in bacon, and accompanied by plenty of potatoes.
After lunch? I’ll probably need a nap. I don’t want to be anywhere near cleaning up, so I always magically have a Zoom or phone call to make when it’s time to tidy up.
What about the afternoons? My husband and I are obsessed with playing bridge. My dream is to travel around the country and compete in bridge tournaments while wearing matching tank tops. So we’ll play cards. No phones allowed at the table. I’m quite strict about technology. I need to be less competitive though. The 12-year-old might get upset, but he needs to be more careful with his bidding.
And the evenings? We’ll argue about what to watch. Studio Ghibli movies are always a good choice, or maybe a film starring Will Ferrell, Sandra Bullock, or Julia Roberts. Although the 12-year-old claims to be tired of watching people kiss.
What about bedtime? I’m in bed by 8:30 pm. I did warn you that this is the most boring Sunday you’ve ever heard of, but it’s my Sunday and I absolutely love it.
Claudia Winkleman serves as an ambassador for Cannaray CBD.

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