Sunday with Ben Miller: ‘I’m consistently identifiable when I visit the rubbish disposal area’

Sunday breakfast? It’s every person for themselves… leftovers from under the table after Saturday night’s dinner party. When I was young, I used to bring my parents a cup of tea in bed. I haven’t taught my kids to do that yet.

Then what? I’m addicted to coffee. We live in a very rural area, but there is a coffee roastery. I’ll drive to get a double espresso and bring home a decaf oat flat white for my wife.

Sunday mornings? We’ll walk the dog, Stevie (named after Stevie Nicks). She’s a double doodle, which is a cross between a golden doodle and a golden doodle. A golden doodle is a mix of a golden retriever and a poodle. The color of her fur reminded us of Stevie Nicks.

Sunday lunch? Like most people, it usually happens around 3pm. The division of tasks is that my wife does the cooking and then I do the dishes.

Sunday chores? Despite living in a remote area, Amazon still delivers within 10 minutes of me ordering a pair of socks. They come in a large cardboard box, so the main event on Sundays is me fitting all the cardboard in the car and driving it to the dump.

Fan of the dump? Yes, but since Covid, it’s as difficult as getting a work visa for the US. You have to prove your residency and state the exact material you intend to dispose of every time you go. You get a 30-minute time slot – the clock is always ticking as I rush down winding country roads.

Do you get recognized? One of the perks is being recognized when you’re using a public restroom or at the dump. When you’re on the red carpet facing the world’s media, no one knows who you are.

Sunday unwind? There’s never any arguing because we simply watch whatever my wife wants to watch. Ideally, I’d watch true-crime documentaries. I just enjoy spending 10 hours with a murderous psychopath who presents themselves as normal.

Sunday night blues or highs? I like Sunday night because it’s almost Monday. I love what I do, so I’m always excited to start the week. Although I’m less excited about my kids waking up so early for school.

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