Sunak refutes claims of being ‘irritable’ when faced with pressure amidst Conservative internal conflicts regarding immigration.

Prime Minister rejects dissent among his MPs over his Rwanda bill as “debating society” behavior, according to Rishi Sunak.

In an interview with the Spectator, the prime minister also stated that he would be reading Jilly Cooper’s latest novel Tackle! during Christmas.

When asked about being labeled as “tetchy,” Sunak denied it and emphasized his passion for fighting for what he believes in.

The interview took place amidst internal conflicts within Sunak’s party over the Rwanda bill. Centrist Tories are considering amendments to protect the legislation, while right-wing Conservatives are demanding more stringent measures.

Regarding the timeline for implementing the Rwanda bill, Sunak expressed his eagerness to proceed without specifying a date for flights to Kigali.

Highlighting the need for practical governance, Sunak dismissed the notion of his party becoming a “debating society.”

Rwanda, according to the prime minister, will not accept deportees without legal recourse to Strasbourg.

When questioned about his campaign slogan “stop the boats,” Sunak stood by it, asserting his intention to curb illegal migration.

He also positioned himself as a follower of Thatcher’s tax policies, emphasizing the cuts his government has implemented.

Despite challenges and a significant opinion poll deficit, Sunak claimed to be making progress and finding fulfillment in his role as prime minister.

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