Steph Tisdell shares, “All I care about are my birds. We spend our days singing songs together.”

Steph Tisdell’s love for her Amazon parrots, Michael Parkinson and Eddie McGuire, goes beyond just being pets – they are her companions and sources of joy. She believes that exotic parrots, like hers, require a lot of care and attention, but the reward of their singing, dancing, and talking abilities makes it all worth it. As a Yidinji woman, Steph is not only a talented comedian and actor but also a devoted bird parent who cherishes the unique bond she shares with her feathered friends.
In addition to her love for her birds, Steph shared stories of other meaningful possessions that hold special memories for her. One such item is a drawing made by her niece, which symbolizes a fun and creative day they spent together. This drawing, displayed proudly on her fridge, serves as a reminder of the imaginative and academic qualities they both share.
Among her cherished belongings is an ice-cream container perfectly suited for her bird food, as well as a measuring cup used for serving their meals. Steph admits that her birds have become a central focus of her life, comparing her care for them to how some people treat their animals like children – a role she never thought she would embrace but now fully embodies.
One particularly impactful possession for Steph is an iPod from 2009, which was unfortunately stolen during a trip to Jamaica where she experienced her first love with an Englishman. The iPod contained meaningful songs that symbolized their relationship and the emotions they shared. Despite the theft and the end of the romance, those songs continue to hold a special place in Steph’s heart, serving as a reminder of her first love.
Through her engaging performances on screen and stage, including roles in Total Control and Bump, Steph Tisdell continues to impress audiences with her humor and talent. Her upcoming participation in the All About Women festival in Sydney further showcases her diverse interests and commitment to important discussions, such as moderating a “feminist roast” event. Steph’s ability to balance comedy with serious topics, like her deep connection with her birds and meaningful possessions, highlights her multifaceted personality and dedication to her craft.
If you are interested in hearing more from Steph Tisdell and witnessing her unique perspective, be sure to catch her at the All About Women festival on Sunday, March 10, at the Sydney Opera House.

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