Should we all aim for as much sleep as Dakota Johnson, who rests for 14 hours a night?

The actor emphasizes that sleep is her top priority in life, followed by meditation, working out, and indulging in plenty of baths. While it may sound delightful, is it wise to double down on rest?

Name: Dakota Johnson

Age: She is 34 years old.

Was she in Fifty Shades of Grey? Yes, that was her breakthrough role in 2015, playing Anastasia Steele.

Does she come from a famous family? Indeed, Dakota’s mother is Melanie Griffith, her father is Don Johnson, and her grandmother is Tippi Hedren, the muse of Alfred Hitchcock.

Does she have a famous boyfriend? Yes, Chris Martin, the Coldplay singer, is her partner. They reside together in Malibu.

Was their relationship a conscious coupling? It’s more likely to be an unconscious one, as it turns out…

Why is that? Johnson places great importance on her sleep.

Just how much does she prioritize sleep? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal magazine, she stated, “Sleep is my number one priority in life.”

How many hours does she sleep per night? “I’m not functional if I get less than 10. I can easily go 14 hours.”

Fourteen hours! That’s quite the opposite of Margaret Thatcher. Some might argue that being the opposite of Margaret Thatcher is not a bad thing at all.

Is she a real sloth then? Not exactly; sloths sleep for up to 20 hours.

Should I aim for 14 hours of sleep? Most likely not. Everyone has different sleep needs, but most adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.

[Shouting up the stairs] GET UP, DAKOTA! BREAKFAST TIME! However, she’s not much of a breakfast person. She simply has an oat milk flat white.

What else does she do? She exercises regularly, including bodyweight training, hot yoga, and pilates.

I assume she engages in mindfulness practices as well. Yes, she practices transcendental meditation twice a day. She has also recently been interested in breathwork, which helps her with anxiety. Johnson has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression and how she uses humor as a defense mechanism.

That’s good to hear. Mental well-being is important.

Anything else? She enjoys taking baths.

Does she take baths before going to bed? She takes baths at any moment of the day. If she feels overwhelmed, she finds solace in water, which she finds grounding.

Afterward, does she go straight to bed? She also has a busy work life. She continues to explore women’s sex lives by narrating “The Disappearance of Shere Hite,” a documentary about the feminist and sex educator. Furthermore, she has co-curated an exhibition called “Modern Sex: 100 Years of Design and Decency” at Miami’s new Museum of Sex. This involved researching vibrators from the 1920s and 1930s, which Johnson humorously likened to tools for fixing cars.

I sense some similarities with Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop brand – sexual wellness, yoga, meditation. Martin certainly seems to gravitate towards a particular type. Indeed, Gwyneth Paltrow, Martin’s ex-wife, and Johnson reportedly get along well.

Don’t say: “Wakey-wakey! Rise and shine!”

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