Sadiq Khan supports the idea of sending 4x4s slated for disposal under Ulez to Ukraine.

London mayor had claimed law prevented him from allowing vehicles that do not meet emissions standards to be donated to the war effort.
Sadiq Khan has pledged to send vehicles, including 4x4s, to Ukraine that would otherwise be scrapped under the Ulez scheme.
The mayor of London has requested the transport secretary, Mark Harper, to enable individuals to donate suitable vehicles to Ukraine through scrappage schemes.
The mayor had previously expressed his belief that it would not be possible to modify the scheme for exporting vehicles under current laws.
Under the Ulez scrappage scheme, which came into effect in August, London residents with vehicles that do not meet emission standards can receive up to £2,000 when their non-compliant vehicles are scrapped.
The joint letter from Khan and former defence secretary Ben Wallace urges Harper to provide monetary incentives for removing polluting vehicles from the streets and helping the people of Ukraine.
The letter also mentions the specific need for 4×4 vehicles and emergency service vehicles.
Khan and Wallace reached their conclusion after consulting with the Mayor’s Office in Kyiv and other partners.
In response, the transport secretary expressed surprise at the delayed request and stated that the communities secretary, Michael Gove, has requested clarification on the legal barriers Khan believes he faces.
He assured that once the requested information is provided, officials will be ready to explore options for resolving the matter.
According to The Telegraph, Kyiv’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, had previously proposed this idea to Khan as part of the scrappage scheme.

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