Sadiq Khan draws a comparison between Susan Hall, Sadiq’s Conservative rival, and the former US President Donald Trump.

Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, has warned that changes to the voting system could lead to Susan Hall, his Conservative opponent, starting a series of hard-right victories in 2024. Khan has linked Hall to Donald Trump and suggested that her win could result in a wave of extreme, populist right-wing leaders coming to power. He even predicted that Suella Braverman could replace Rishi Sunak as Tory leader. The Labour mayor criticized the government’s decision to change the electoral system from supplementary to first past the post, which his team believes could give Hall a narrow win. Khan also expressed concern over the introduction of mandatory photo ID for voting, which could affect turnout, especially among younger voters and minority ethnic groups. He compared Hall to Trump and Geert Wilders, emphasizing the need to hold back the extreme right. Khan accused Hall of promoting divisive and racist content on social media, as well as attacking women and the Black community.

According to previous research by the campaign group Hope Not Hate, Hall has liked tweets praising Enoch Powell, known for his racist views, and retweeted a message from far-right activist Katie Hopkins, who referred to Khan as “the nipple height mayor of Londonistan”. Khan criticized the Conservative government for changing the voting system to maximize their chances of winning and make it difficult for potential progressives to succeed. Previous mayoral elections used the supplementary vote system, but the switch to first past the post could result in Hall becoming mayor with a small minority of support if the left-wing vote is divided.

A spokesperson for Hall responded to Khan’s claims, stating that she won’t tolerate lectures on misogyny from him and that Londoners are not fooled by his smear tactics. They emphasized the need for better leadership in 2024, with a focus on reducing crime and ending the unfair Ulez expansion.

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