Rishi Sunak suggests that he won’t announce an election until the latter part of 2024.

PM asserts his belief that a vote will be called later in the year, deflating Labour’s hopes of an earlier election.

Rishi Sunak has given his clearest indication yet that he will delay a general election until the second half of 2024, dashing Labour’s hopes that it could occur as early as spring.

The prime minister stated on Thursday that it is his “working assumption” that the vote will be called in the latter part of the year, granting him additional time to overturn the Conservatives’ deficit in the polls. Following the repeal of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act in 2022, the election date is entirely within his control.

“My working assumption is that we will have a general election in the second half of this year, and in the meantime, I have a lot to accomplish,” he said while visiting Nottinghamshire.

Although he did not completely rule out a May election, as senior Labour figures have predicted, Sunak reiterated his intention to hold it in the latter part of the year.

“I want to continue managing the economy well, cutting people’s taxes, but I also want to address illegal migration,” Sunak stated. “I have a lot to accomplish, and I am committed to delivering for the British people.”

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