Reportedly, an operation in utmost secrecy resulted in the safe retrieval of the family of a US soldier from Gaza.

The US government, along with Israel and Egypt, carried out a coordinated operation to rescue the mother and uncle of Ragi A. Sckak from Gaza, according to a US official.

According to a US official who spoke to the Associated Press, the mother and uncle of a US service member were saved from the conflict in Gaza through a secret operation coordinated by the US, Israel, Egypt, and others.

This operation is unique in that it is the only one of its kind known to have rescued American citizens and their close family members during the intense ground fighting and Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

The Associated Press was informed by a US official, who wished to remain anonymous for security reasons, that Zahra Sckak, 44, and her brother-in-law, Farid Sukaik, an American citizen, managed to escape Gaza on New Year’s Eve.

During the war, Zahra Sckak’s husband, Abedalla Sckak, was fatally shot as the family was fleeing a building that had been hit by an airstrike. One of her three sons, Ragi A. Sckak, 24, is currently serving in the US military as an infantryman.

The US official told the Associated Press that the extraction operation involved the Israeli military and local Israeli officials, and there is no indication that American officials were physically present in Gaza.

“The United States played a role as a mediator and coordinator between the Sckak family and the governments of Israel and Egypt,” stated the official.

The dire situation faced by the Sckak family, with limited access to food and relying on sewer water for drinking, was described by a family member, as well as US-based lawyers and advocates working on their behalf.

The details of the on-the-ground operation are not currently available. The operation was executed after continuous appeals by the Sckak family and US-based organizations for assistance from members of Congress and the Biden administration.

According to the State Department, approximately 300 American citizens, legal permanent residents, and their immediate family members are still in Gaza, facing the threat of ground fighting, airstrikes, and worsening hunger and thirst in the besieged region.

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