Reform UK leader offers assurance that it will not yield ground to Tories in election.

The leader of Reform UK, Richard Tice, has provided written assurances to senior members of his party that they will not revive the Brexit party’s 2019 deal with the Conservatives. This comes after Reform’s previous incarnation, the Brexit party, did not field any candidates against the Conservatives in the seats they won in 2017, in exchange for Boris Johnson’s commitment to leave the EU by 2020. Tice’s assurance aims to ease any internal tensions over a potential deal with the Tories, while also addressing the concerns of former Brexit party members who have rejoined Reform.

Reform’s deputy leader, Ben Habib, emphasized his intention to “obliterate” the Conservative parliamentary party and bring about meaningful change in politics. Meanwhile, Tice’s assurance also reflects the party’s growing support, with a recent poll placing them at 9% and highlighting their competitiveness with Labour for working-class voters who previously supported the Tories.

However, the potential for Reform to split the right-wing vote in many constituencies poses a challenge for the Conservatives, who could lose up to 35 seats in the north and Midlands. The same poll also indicated that a significant portion of current Conservative voters would be more favorable towards Reform if Nigel Farage, now Reform’s honorary president, were to return as leader. This has led to speculation about a possible reunion between Farage and the Conservatives, which has received support from some within the party.

Reform is planning a press conference in January to focus on the issue of immigration, taking advantage of the Tories’ internal divisions over plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

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