Police confirm that there is no indication of any third-party involvement, as stated by Gaynor Lord.

A body found during the search in Norfolk for missing woman Gaynor Lord underwent a postmortem, which revealed no evidence of involvement from other parties, according to Norfolk police. Formal identification is scheduled for Sunday, and the death is not considered suspicious. Ch Supt Dave Buckley, Norfolk’s county policing commander, stated that although the search has concluded, efforts are ongoing to ascertain the circumstances surrounding Gaynor’s disappearance. The focus now is to understand the reasons behind her vanishing.

Earlier this month, Lord, aged 55, went missing after leaving work in Norwich. Authorities had previously suggested that there was a “high probability” she entered the river at Wensum Park, as some of her belongings were found nearby. Surveillance footage captured her leaving work, passing through the city center, visiting the cathedral grounds, and heading towards a park.

On Friday evening, a member of the public discovered Lord’s belongings scattered throughout Wensum Park, including clothing, a cellphone, glasses, and jewelry. Her coat was located in the river. ID identification from her handbag enabled officers to link the items to her. Later that day, a body was recovered from the River Wensum during the search for Lord. Divers found it about 100 meters downstream from the previous search area.

Lord’s behavior, her early departure from work, and the reasons behind her disappearance remain unclear. A friend of hers, Julie Butcher, recalled Lord being cheerful and discussing Christmas just a few days before vanishing. Butcher briefly spoke to Lord at 2:15 p.m. last Friday but had to end the call. When she attempted to call back, there was no answer. Another call came in at 4:15 p.m., but Butcher believes it was accidentally made, as she could hear movement in the background.

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