Plant of the week: philodendron with velvety leaves.

This plant’s trailing leaves bring a touch of the rainforest to shelves and hanging planters.

Why will I love it?

The cascading vines of Philodendron hederaceum ‘Micans’ are adorned with luxurious, velvety foliage that adds a subtle elegance to any space. Its lush green leaves with a coppery sheen bring sophistication to your indoor jungle. In addition to its aesthetics, it is a resilient plant that can tolerate occasional neglect.

Light or shade?

This philodendron thrives in bright, indirect light, which enhances the vibrancy of its leaves.

Where should I put it?

Place it in an area with filtered sunlight or slightly away from a south- or west-facing window to protect it from direct rays. Its trailing nature makes it an excellent choice for bookcases, high shelves, or hanging planters.

How do I keep it alive?

Water it moderately and allow the top inch of soil to dry between watering sessions. Ensure proper drainage to avoid soggy roots. It prefers a warm environment, ideally between 18°C and 26°C, and should be shielded from drafts. During the spring and summer growing season, feed the plant every four to six weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Did you know …

Aside from being visually appealing, this plant is an excellent air-purifier that helps filter out pollutants. It is native to parts of Central America and the Caribbean.

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