Peter Hain warns that the West is involved in a grave failure in Gaza by colluding.

Labour peer and former Middle East minister argues that the inclusion of Hamas in the future governance of Gaza is necessary. He criticizes Western policy towards Gaza, stating that it colludes in a failed approach that won’t eliminate Hamas or ensure security for Israel. The article, published in The Guardian, demands a reevaluation of the UK’s stance on the war.

Lord Hain, who served as a cabinet minister in post-1997 Labour governments and as a Foreign Office minister from 1999 to 2001, accuses Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of indirectly promoting Hamas through his refusal to negotiate a two-state solution and imposing a prolonged state of siege on Gaza.

According to Hain, Western attempts to choose leaders for the Gazan people have a poor track record, and he emphasizes that Hamas must be included in some manner in the future governance of Gaza. He criticizes Western leaders for their inaction regarding the expansion of settlements and the devastating impact of the long siege on Gaza.

While Hain does not express a direct opinion on whether the UK Labour party should call for a ceasefire, he warns that Western leaders are perceived as hypocritical for supporting Ukraine while being complicit in denying Palestinian self-determination and contributing to the horror in Gaza. He cautions that this geopolitical divide will have severe consequences for the US, UK, and Brussels in an increasingly turbulent world.

Instead of colluding in failure, Hain suggests that the Western nations should back a regional conference involving key players such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran to reassess the viability of a two-state solution. He notes the absence of serious Western diplomatic efforts on the Palestinian issue since former US Secretary of State John Kerry’s intervention in 2014.

Having remained closely involved in Middle Eastern affairs, Hain predicts that Israel will not “destroy Hamas” through military means, including the destruction of Gaza. He argues that Netanyahu’s extremism has inadvertently contributed to the growth of Hamas, and Israel’s right-wing rulers have failed to protect their citizens and are exacerbating the risks by pursuing their ruthless tactics in Gaza.

Reports suggest that Netanyahu disagrees with the US administration regarding the future governance of Gaza and rejects President Joe Biden’s view that a revitalized Palestinian Authority can govern Gaza. There have been indications that Israel is considering a plan to divide Gaza into provinces, each controlled by a specific family chosen by Israel. Some members of Netanyahu’s government openly advocate for mass displacements of Palestinians to Jordan or Egypt.

The Palestinian Authority has expressed willingness to govern Gaza alongside the West Bank but on its own terms, not those imposed by Israel. Netanyahu, however, insists on Israeli control over security in Gaza indefinitely.

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