Over 50 people in Kyiv sustain injuries as a result of debris caused by a missile attack originating from Russia.

Ukraine’s air defenses successfully intercepted and destroyed all 10 missiles launched by Russia early this morning. However, significant damage was caused by falling debris in four neighborhoods on the eastern bank of the Dnipro River. A total of 53 people were injured in what President Zelenskiy described as a “repugnant” act.
Mayor Vitali Klitschko shared video footage showing the aftermath of the destruction. Fragments of ballistic missiles landed in the courtyard of an apartment building, resulting in damage to balconies and a fire on the sixth floor. A kindergarten also suffered severe damage, while parked cars were set ablaze, and windows of properties were blown out. Twenty individuals required hospital treatment, mostly for cuts from shattered glass, and five children were among the injured. Fifteen residents were evacuated, and a children’s hospital sustained damage as well.
US Ambassador Bridget Brink connected the overnight attack to President Zelenskiy’s meeting with President Biden in the Oval Office. Both leaders held a joint press conference, during which President Biden announced an additional $200 million reduction in security assistance.
Earlier, President Zelenskiy met with House Speaker Mike Johnson and other prominent Republicans who had recently voted against a $61 billion military aid package to Ukraine. Zelenskiy’s efforts to persuade them to withdraw their objections to the supplementary legislation have thus far been unsuccessful.
Immediately after the meeting in Washington, Russia launched ten ballistic missiles that reached Kyiv within two minutes. However, Ukraine successfully intercepted and destroyed all of them, once again demonstrating the capabilities of its air defenses. This marks the second attack on Kyiv in a week, following a period of relative calm. Russia has been attempting to regain the strategic advantage in recent weeks and has been making advances along the eastern frontline.
In his statement, President Zelenskiy expressed that the “powerful new agreements” with the Biden administration would enhance Ukraine’s air defenses and efforts are being made to expedite their implementation. Zelenskiy emphasized that these defenses would save lives. He referred to Russia as a “terrorist” state and condemned its nighttime missile strikes targeting residential areas, kindergartens, and energy facilities during the winter. He assured that there would be a response to such acts.
According to the Kyiv city military administration, the downing of enemy air targets resulted in numerous falling debris in the Dniprovsky and Desnyansky districts. Some residents had to be evacuated from their homes due to the incident. Given the challenges posed by winter conditions, air bombardment will likely play an increasingly significant role in the ongoing conflict, as troop movements across the frontline are hindered.

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