On the day of the Channel tragedy, nearly 300 individuals successfully made it to the UK aboard small vessels.

According to the Home Office, a total of 292 individuals embarked on the journey across the English Channel on Friday. Tragically, one person lost their life, while another is currently in critical condition.

The incident occurred on the same day that almost 300 individuals traveled from France to England in small boats. This unfortunate incident took place when a vessel sank off the coast of France.

During the early hours of that Friday morning, the French coastguard reported that over 60 people were aboard a boat that started deflating approximately 5 miles (8km) off the northern coast of France. Prompt action was taken by the French-led operation, resulting in the rescue of 66 individuals within an hour, with the first group being pulled from the water at 1.15am local time (12.15am GMT).

It is worth noting that Friday’s crossings marked the first instances in a fortnight, as the government last recorded arrivals on 3 December, when 118 people entered the country.

With the figures from Saturday, the total number of people who have arrived in the UK via the Channel this year now stands at 29,382. In comparison, last year on the same date, there were 45,195 arrivals.

In light of these events, there have been efforts to prevent crossings, as approximately 25,000 people have been deterred from embarking on this journey. However, the Home Office acknowledges the need to take further action and expressed gratitude towards those involved in the rescue operation, emphasizing the importance of stopping boats to save lives.

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