‘Nothing challenging has come my way’: the conviction powering Luke Littler’s pursuit of a world championship.

It appeared simple, it was simple, and later on the newest sensation in the world of sports admitted the same. “I haven’t faced anything difficult,” Luke Littler said after defeating Rob Cross 6-2 and reaching his first world championship final.
“I don’t think anything has been challenging for me, no disrespect to anyone I’ve faced. A few sets went 3-2. But I have confidence in myself, believe in my own abilities.” Regardless of what happens in tonight’s final against the new world No 1 Luke Humphries, Littler’s life and the sport of darts have already been forever changed.
The accomplishment of reaching a world final in only his second major championship, defeating three former champions along the way and achieving three averages of over 105, would be impressive sufficient even before you discover his age, widely reported as 16.
“It’s unbelievable, it hasn’t really sunk in yet,” Littler said, squinting a bit in the midst of cameras and microphones in front of him.
“Rob missed 86 to win the second set, and that might have changed things. But I just tried to stay focused. I only set one goal for myself at this tournament, which was to win one game and come back after Christmas. I couldn’t imagine reaching the final.”
Naturally, everyone wanted to know his secret. But there isn’t really one: just vast amounts of talent, hours upon hours of practice on the dartboard while the world was under lockdown during the pandemic, and a routine that has hardly changed from his recent days on the junior tour.
“I’ll be doing what I have been doing,” he said about his preparation for the final.
“In the morning I’ll have my ham and cheese omelette and then come here, have a pizza and then practice on the board. That’s what I’ve done every day.”
For Humphries, who demolished outsider Scott Williams 6-0 in one of his finest performances, there was no resentment or bitterness at being overshadowed on the verge of his big moment.
“He deserves all the attention he’s getting, all the media praises and everyone on his side,” Humphries said.
“For one of us, our lives are going to change forever tomorrow, and it might overwhelm him, but I don’t think it will. He has a lot of courage, and I will have to play the best game of my life to beat him.”

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