Norwich police indicate strong likelihood that Gaynor Lord, who is missing, entered the river.

As the search for Nicola Bulley’s disappearance continues, police are collaborating with officers who were involved in the investigation.

Gaynor Lord, who has been missing since last Friday, is highly suspected to have entered the river in Norwich, according to detectives.

Lord, 55, vanished after leaving work in Norwich city centre earlier than scheduled on Friday afternoon. Her belongings, including clothing, mobile phone, glasses, and jewelry, were later found scattered in Wensum Park.

Her coat was discovered in the River Wensum, which flows through the park. Specialized underwater divers have been conducting searches in the area, but due to challenging conditions, the search is expected to take several days.

Ch Supt Dave Buckley stated that the river’s high water levels and debris make the search difficult. He also mentioned that it might take longer than expected to complete the search.

While keeping an open mind about Lord’s disappearance, the police believe there is a high probability that she went into the water based on the available evidence. However, there were no witnesses to confirm this.

One witness reported seeing someone matching Lord’s appearance performing a yoga pose in the park around the time of her disappearance.

The police have sought advice from officers of Lancashire police regarding Bulley’s case, to ensure any lessons learned from that investigation are applied in this search.

CCTV footage captured Lord walking in different locations in Norwich before her disappearance, providing possible leads for the investigation.

Lord is described as a white female, 5ft 6in tall, with a shoulder-length blond bob.

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