Nigella Lawson admits that she feels too aware of herself to utter the word ‘microwave’.

A video of the famous chef Nigella Lawson pronouncing “microwave” as “meecro-wah-vay” while discussing heating milk became viral in 2020. Lawson revealed during an interview on BBC Breakfast that she now avoids saying the word “microwave” due to feeling self-conscious about her mispronunciation.

Lawson explained that she referred to the electric appliance as the “you-know-what” instead. She was not initially aware of her mispronunciation, as that was the term she used at home. She also mentioned that many families develop their own mispronunciations due to a child’s inability to say a word correctly or because of inside jokes.

When asked by the interviewer if she would use the term “meecro-wah-vay” on Christmas Day, Lawson admitted that the attention around her mispronunciation had made her feel self-conscious. She now prefers to refer to the appliance as the “you-know-what”.

In addition to her mispronunciation becoming popular, Lawson is known for influencing Christmas cooking trends. One example is when she endorsed goose fat in a roast potato recipe on TV, causing sales to double. However, she recently made headlines by suggesting that people should skip Christmas cake and instead make her classic crowd-pleasing chocolate cake for the festive season.

While she enjoys a slice of dense Christmas cake, Lawson said that her household dislikes dried fruit in any form. Despite this change, she still plans to make a small Christmas pudding and a trifle as part of her Christmas dessert traditions.

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