Nick Brown quits Labour due to ‘absurd’ disciplinary procedures.

Former chief whip strongly condemns ‘fundamentally flawed’ investigation in a furious letter and announces decision not to run for re-election as MP

Labour veteran MP and former chief whip, Nick Brown, has publicly resigned from the party following an ongoing internal disciplinary process that Brown claims has turned into “a complete farce”.

In a lengthy and impassioned letter, Brown stated that he will not seek re-election in part due to his age (73) and his 40-year tenure in parliament. However, he emphasized that his decision was mainly influenced by the ongoing internal disciplinary process within the Labour party, which he believes is deeply flawed and beyond redemption.

Since 1983, Brown has been the MP for Newcastle upon Tyne East and held the position of chief whip for every Labour leader starting from Tony Blair. In September last year, he had the Labour whip suspended following a complaint made against him through the party’s independent complaints process.

In his letter, released via legal firm Carter-Ruck, Brown revealed that the complaint, which remains undisclosed, was submitted by a political rival within the party and pertained to an alleged incident that supposedly occurred over 25 years ago.

Brown firmly declared, “I want to make it absolutely clear that the accusations against me were completely false, without even an ounce of truth behind them. Not only were they never raised during the past 25 years, but they were also never even insinuated by anyone, including the complainant.”

Expressing disappointment in the lack of substantial evidence, Brown heavily criticized the way Labour handled the accusations and the excessive amount of time it took. Initially, he had faith in the party’s disciplinary system but soon realized the process lacked basic procedural fairness and evidentiary safeguards.

According to Brown, Labour refused to conduct an in-person disciplinary hearing and denied his legal team the opportunity to directly question the complainant. Furthermore, he claimed that both he and his legal representatives found the evidence against him to be exceptionally weak.

Citing the absence of basic safeguards and fair procedures, Brown asserted, “Despite my hopes for reason, legal propriety, and fundamental natural justice to prevail, it has become increasingly apparent that I cannot anticipate a fair hearing. This process has devolved into a complete farce.”

He concluded his letter by stating, “It is a disgrace that a party likely to form the next government handles such grave cases in a manner more reminiscent of a poorly run golf club.”

A spokesperson for the Labour party responded, stating, “The Labour party treats all complaints with the utmost seriousness. We have established an independent complaints process to ensure impartial and fair resolution of complaints.”

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