Netherlands initiates experiment with full legalization of cannabis.

Experiment aims to legalize the production, supply, and smoking of cannabis and eliminate the influence of gangs. In two Dutch cities, cannabis users can now smoke legally for the first time as part of a trial that aims to expand the country’s acceptance of marijuana to full legality. The health minister, Ernst Kuipers, described it as a “historic moment” as he witnessed the first box of legal cannabis at the Baron coffee shop in Breda. There is a misconception abroad that cannabis is already legal in the Netherlands due to its famous coffee shops, which attract cannabis smokers. However, the drug exists in a legal gray area, which the government plans to overcome with a four-year trial starting in Breda and Tilburg. While the consumption of small quantities of cannabis is technically illegal, law enforcement has chosen not to enforce this law as part of a long-standing “tolerance” policy. In contrast, the production and supply of cannabis to coffee shops remains illegal but also tolerated. This situation has resulted in gang involvement and an increase in petty crime and antisocial behavior. Officials hope that the trial’s success will put an end to these problems. A limited number of farms will be responsible for the production, closely monitored, and then supplied to coffee shops. This will ensure that consumers have access to a high-quality and safe product, unlike before when the origin and possible alterations of cannabis were unknown. The level of THC and CBD, the active components of cannabis, will be measured, allowing users to know the potency of their joint. The health minister emphasized the importance of public health oversight during the process to check for potential product contamination. Independent researchers will monitor the trial, with the ultimate goal of decriminalizing cannabis. Despite the potential for legalizing other drugs, the mayor of Breda, Paul Depla, cautiously focused on cannabis legalization and its potential impact on addiction rates. However, he did acknowledge that bidding farewell to the previous hypocritical and illogical policy was a positive step. One uncertainty regarding the new policy is the influence of Geert Wilders and his far-right Party for Freedom. With their desire for a “drug-free Netherlands,” they may seek to dismantle the tolerance policy.

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