Nausea during pregnancy can occur at any time of the day, including the morning, noon, and night.

Nearly 20 years ago, my wife was expecting our son and I was a newbie GP. I recall her abruptly waking up from a deep slumber in the middle of the night and rushing to the bathroom to vomit moments later. The recent coverage has consistently referred to this condition as morning sickness. However, it is important to note that pregnancy-induced sickness can happen at any time of the day or night. Can we please refrain from using the term “morning” sickness?

Dr Euan Lawson
Editor, British Journal of General Practice

Many thanks to Bertie Carvel for the article “Bertie Carvel looks back: ‘My mother was a force. She made me who I am’”. I have found the perfect description for how I feel about my husband, who is suffering from dementia. I can now say that I am “grieving in slow motion”.

Name and address supplied

It speaks volumes about Tony Blair that, amidst various controversies such as Iraq, public-private partnerships, asbos, and student tuition fees, he has admitted to regretting the ban on foxhunting.

Tom Cannon

The postal service, like many others, is dysfunctional. However, our bills somehow manage to arrive on time.

Jennifer Haigh

I have received a third Christmas card urging me to continue writing letters to The Guardian, so I felt compelled to do so!

Bill Britnell
Shrewsbury, Shropshire

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