Mother of Emma Caldwell demands a criminal inquiry into mishandling of murder investigation

Following a lengthy campaign for justice, the killer of Emma Caldwell in 2005 was finally convicted last week. Iain Packer was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 36 years for her murder, as well as for numerous other crimes including rapes, sexual assaults, and abduction.

During the trial, it was revealed that Packer had a history of violence against women dating back to 1990, with accusations of rape and attacks, yet authorities failed to act on these allegations. Many of the victims were sex workers, leading to a lack of action by the police.

Margaret Caldwell, the mother of Emma Caldwell, is now advocating for a public inquiry into the authorities’ mishandling of the case. She is also pushing for a criminal investigation led by an independent police force and prosecutors to examine the conduct of those involved in the investigation.

Expressing her frustration with the current state of the justice system, Margaret Caldwell emphasized the need for immediate action rather than mere promises. She has been seeking answers for over a decade and demands accountability for the failings that led to her daughter’s tragic death.

The Crown Office, after an independent investigation, claimed there was not enough evidence of criminality by the police officers involved in the case. However, Margaret Caldwell and her family remain steadfast in their pursuit of the truth and are calling for transparency and accountability.

As discussions continue with the Crown Office and government officials, including First Minister Humza Yousaf and Justice Secretary Angela Constance, Margaret Caldwell insists on a thorough investigation to uncover the failures that allowed the killer to remain free for so long.

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