‘Michelle Mone criticizes Rishi Sunak over PPE contracts amid the shared knowledge of all involved’

A former Conservative peer claims that the government was aware of her involvement in PPE Medpro ‘from the very beginning’. Michelle Mone, who admitted to lying about her connection to the company, criticized Rishi Sunak for expressing concern, stating that the government knew about her involvement since the start.

Sunak responded to Mone’s admission by stating that No 10 was taking the matter “incredibly seriously”. However, Mone’s furious response to the prime minister’s comments emphasized that she had been honest with the Cabinet Office, the government, and the NHS, and they all knew about her involvement from the beginning.

Mone’s comments increase pressure on ministers, particularly Michael Gove, to explain their knowledge of the affair. Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour party, has already called for Gove to make a statement on Mone and PPE Medpro.

In her interview, Mone explained that she had lied about her involvement in the company to protect her family from media scrutiny. When questioned about admitting to lying, she responded, “That’s not a crime”.

During a visit to Scotland, Sunak addressed Mone’s admission by stating that the government takes such matters seriously and is pursuing legal action against the company. However, he also mentioned an ongoing criminal investigation, limiting the information he could provide.

Mone, who was made a Conservative peer in 2015 but is no longer in the party, has been on a leave of absence from the House of Lords since last year. Lord Callanan, the energy efficiency minister, expressed his hope that Mone would not return to the upper house.

Guardian investigations discovered that Mone and her husband were involved with PPE Medpro, which received contracts worth £203m in 2020 after Mone approached ministers with an offer to supply PPE equipment.

Starmer described the case as a “shocking disgrace” and demanded answers from Gove and the government regarding the original contact and subsequent developments. He also stated that Mone should not be in the House of Lords and called for accountability from the government.

Speaking on BBC One, Mone expressed regret for repeatedly denying any connection to PPE Medpro and acknowledged that she should have been honest with the press from the beginning. She claimed her intention was to protect her family and not deceive anyone.

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