Michelle Mone confesses that she could gain from a £60m profit related to PPE.

The former Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her husband, Doug Barrowman, have admitted for the first time that they made significant profits from two PPE deals during the Covid pandemic.

Mone also acknowledged, as reported by the Guardian last year, that Barrowman transferred money from those profits to the Keristal Trust, which was established for the benefit of Mone, her three adult children, and Barrowman’s children.

In an interview with the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, both Mone and Barrowman also confessed to having lied to the media about their involvement with the company awarded the contracts, PPE Medpro Ltd.

In response to inquiries from the Guardian, three different law firms categorically denied the couple’s involvement, stating that Mone had no connection or association with PPE Medpro and had no role in the contract award process.

Mone admitted to lying to the media in order to protect her family from media attention, not as a deliberate attempt to hide her involvement.

Barrowman revealed that the company made profits of approximately £67m from the £203m contracts, with some of the money being transferred to the Keristal Trust.

In 2022, leaked documents from HSBC bank revealed that Barrowman was an investor in PPE Medpro and received at least £65m from its profits, some of which was transferred to the Keristal Trust.

Barrowman confirmed the profits made and acknowledged the considerable risks involved.

Last week, a video uploaded to YouTube by PPE Medpro stated that the couple were facing criminal allegations related to conspiracy to defraud, fraud by false representation, and bribery as part of an ongoing investigation by the National Crime Agency.

The government is also seeking the return of the £122m it paid for the surgical gowns, claiming that they are unsafe.

PPE Medpro is currently defending itself against the legal action, while Mone and Barrowman maintain their innocence, aside from lying to the press.

“That is not a crime,” Mone concluded.

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