McCall asserts that Saracens are determined to retain Farrell despite the ‘rumors’ from Racing 92.

Mark McCall refused to comment on the “speculation” surrounding Owen Farrell’s future, as rumors circulate about a lucrative offer from Racing 92 in Paris. Saracens’ director of rugby emphasized that it would be unfair to discuss something that is purely speculative. “Until there is concrete information to discuss, we will not engage in conversation regarding it.”
However, McCall did not rule out the possibility of Farrell moving to the French club. He reflected on the journey that Farrell and his teammates have been on at Saracens over the past decade. “I remember back in 2015, when we presented to the board and had Ernst Joubert and several others leaving the club that year. We were looking at the new generation who would step up and take hold of the club. And they did. That was eight years ago. It has been an incredible journey for them, and for us as well. However, I believe that journey is coming to an end. There is a new adventure on the horizon next year.”
Although this may hint at imminent changes, McCall also expressed the importance of keeping England’s top players in the Premiership, especially with the Top 14 exerting its commercial influence so strongly. “We all want the Premiership to be a highly competitive league, which is why it is essential to maintain the rule that players can only represent England if they play in the Premiership.”
McCall confirmed that Saracens are determined to keep Farrell, despite the constraints imposed by the English salary cap. “Having Owen Farrell in your team is something that every team would desire.”
Reflecting on the state of English rugby after Saracens’ 19-10 Premiership defeat at Leicester, McCall commended the quality of rugby in the Premiership. “The matches are absolutely fantastic, which is why I don’t want to dwell on any negatives. The Premiership is a strong, entertaining, and closely contested competition. Some teams are performing well in Europe, so there is much to feel positive about.”
While Saracens have dominated during what could be referred to as the Farrell era, the Premiership has consistently remained fiercely competitive, with multiple teams often separated by a small number of points.
If Farrell does leave, he will be the most high-profile departure, but English clubs must consider how long they can continue to compete.

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