London nightclub penalized for serving tequila shots mixed with caustic soda

Tiger Tiger nightclub has been fined £120,000 after four customers were hospitalized for mistakenly ingesting caustic soda instead of salt with their tequila shots. The incident occurred on 7 December 2021 at the nightclub in Haymarket, central London. The venue pleaded guilty to four charges under the Health and Safety at Work Act at Westminster magistrates court.

An investigation by Westminster city council’s health and safety team revealed that a bartender at the nightclub accidentally used caustic soda instead of salt to accompany the tequila shots. The customers experienced immediate illness after licking and drinking the shots, prompting emergency services to be called. The bartender also tasted the substance, leading to burns in his mouth and tongue.

The council reported that a white container with a caustic soda label was found at the scene, and testing confirmed the substance’s strong alkaline properties with a pH level of 13. Councillor Aicha Less, deputy leader and cabinet member for communities, public protection, and licensing, emphasized the importance of proper safety measures and hopes that the significant fine serves as a warning to all businesses to prevent similar incidents.

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