Labour to introduce motion demanding disclosure of documents on Rwanda deportation plan.

Labour will propose a motion in parliament on Tuesday, requesting the disclosure of documents pertaining to the UK government’s policy on deportations to Rwanda. This comes in response to claims that Rishi Sunak, from the Conservative centrists, has pledged to uphold international treaties. The motion, part of the opposition day debate in the Commons, will seek information regarding the individual relocation costs of asylum seekers to Rwanda and a comprehensive list of any payments made or scheduled to be made to the Rwandan government. Additionally, it will call for the internal breakdown of over 35,000 asylum decisions made last year and an unedited copy of the confidential memorandum of understanding signed between ministers and Rwanda. The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, criticized the government for withholding information on the cost of the Rwanda scheme, deeming it unacceptable. Labour’s action aims to highlight divisions within the Conservative party on the Rwanda bill, a piece of legislation that Sunak hopes will prevent further legal challenges to the policy.

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