King Charles’s Christmas Day address to showcase tree that can be replanted

As a tribute to his environmental advocacy, King Charles will deliver his Christmas message this year from a room in Buckingham Palace adorned with a Christmas tree that can be replanted.

An image released by the palace shows the monarch standing in front of the live tree, which is potted and can be reused in the following year.

The tree’s branches are adorned with natural and sustainable decorations, including hand-turned wood and paper ornaments, glass baubles, pine cones, and dried oranges, symbolizing the king’s commitment to the environment.

This marks the first time a replantable tree is being used in the annual festive address to the nation and the Commonwealth. After the broadcast, it will be replanted as part of its sustainable lifecycle.

Like his late mother, King Charles writes his own Christmas speeches. Last year, in his first address as monarch, he followed a similar template by combining personal reflections with references to current issues and the Christian faith.

This year, it is expected that the king will emphasize sustainability in his festive message while also touching upon broader themes, according to reports.

King Charles, a long-time advocate for environmental issues, delivered a speech at the recent Cop28 UN climate summit in Dubai, where he warned of the catastrophic consequences of human actions on the planet. He urged immediate transformative action to restore nature’s economy.

The Christmas message will be broadcast at 3pm local time (1500 GMT).

The address was filmed in the Buckingham Palace room that leads to the royal residence’s balcony. Throughout the years, members of the royal family have gathered in the Centre Room before historic balcony appearances, such as Charles’s coronation or trooping the color celebrations.

The king’s shoulder partially reveals the Victoria Memorial in the Mall, a monument planned by King Edward VII to honor his mother’s reign. After Edward VII’s passing, it was unveiled by his son, King George V, in 1911.

King Charles and Queen Camilla will spend Christmas at Sandringham House in Norfolk and are expected to attend a Christmas Day church service in the morning.

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