King Charles commends ‘altruistic’ individuals who compose the ‘foundation of society’ in his Christmas address.

Monarch expresses in his second Christmas Day address that his coronation was a “summons to all of us to serve and care”.

King Charles has commended the work of volunteers, referring to them as a “selfless army of individuals” who constitute an “essential foundation of our society”.

In his second Christmas speech, the king expressed his delight in the presence of hundreds of volunteers and their representatives at his coronation in May, stating that their attendance “emphasized the significance of the coronation itself, above all, a call for all of us to serve one another, to love and care for all”.

Alluding to the escalating issue of homelessness and the housing of victims of conflicts like Ukrainians, the monarch highlighted a part of Jesus’ story when “Mary and Joseph were offered shelter in their time of need by strangers”.

Last Christmas, he emphasized the crisis of living expenses and the “enormous anxiety and difficulty” faced by many striving to “pay their bills and provide for their families”.

In November, he launched the Coronation Food Project, which aims to distribute otherwise wasted food to individuals affected by food poverty. In Monday’s address, he asserted that “we must build upon existing methods to support others less fortunate than ourselves”.

This month, he criticized the world for being “terribly off course” in meeting crucial climate targets outlined in the 2015 Paris agreement and called for “substantive change” in his opening statement at the Cop28 climate summit.

Presenting his 25 December broadcast in front of a replantable Christmas tree this year, the king emphasized the need to protect the planet “for the sake of our future generations”.

He added: “Throughout my life, I have been pleased to witness an increasing consciousness regarding the imperative to protect the Earth and our natural environment as the sole home that we all share.”

He also referred to the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, expressing his hope that “during this time of increasingly tragic conflicts across the world, we can also make every effort to safeguard one another.”

The king acknowledged other religions, mentioning how the “great faiths of the world” celebrate festivities with a special meal, and how it is the responsibility of “people of all faiths and none” to nurture the natural world.

The speech was delivered in Buckingham Palace’s central room, which opens onto the balcony overlooking the Mall.

Earlier in the day, the royal family attended the customary Christmas day church service at the Sandringham estate.

Royal enthusiasts gathered as the Prince and Princess of Wales walked hand in hand with their children, George, Charlotte, and Louis, following the king and queen. They were greeted by approximately 1,000 local residents, many of whom had waited outside the estate for hours on Christmas morning.

Sarah, Duchess of York – the former spouse of the disgraced Duke of York – participated in the service, seemingly indicating her return to the heart of the family.

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